Expert Witness

ABTV’s executive-level professionals have extensive experience serving as expert witness in the courts. Our reputation precedes us, and our views are given considerable weight by judges and other interested parties. Our experience extends to robust and successful defenses of our findings when necessary. It is one thing to produce a plausible analysis on paper and quite another to withstand intense cross-examination by a stakeholder’s attorney.

When it comes to providing expert witness testimony on issues related to business litigation, the experience and perspectives of ABTV professionals are given considerable weight by judges.

Our broad business and multi-industry expertise informs our testimony. As a result, we can confidently testify on general business litigation, specific bankruptcy matters involving debtor/creditor issues, reorganization plans and valuations, because we have deep experience with:

  • Managing and revitalizing businesses
  • Vetting financials on behalf of both companies and their creditors
  • Analyzing and addressing governance and fiduciary issues
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Filling executive-level positions while helping improve and restore a company’s performance 
  • Advising on shareholder matters